Interview with Masatoshi Sato

At the end of last year Masatoshi Sato kindly agreed to sit down with me and discuss Evidence Based practice in ELT. Prof Sato is a advocate of research being used to support teaching. He has written books on evidence based pedagogy and has carried out work on teachers’ opinions of research and how it can support teaching.

Here we talk about what Evidence Based approaches mean to him, the gap between teachers and researchers and some of the problems with research.

you can follow him on Twitter here

Here are a selection of his recent papers

Motivation and vision in the classroom. TESOL Quarterly (2020)

The origin of peer feedback. System (2020)

Context matters! Context matters: Learner beliefs and interactional behaviors in an EFL vs. ESL context (2020)

ESL vs. EFL: Activity Theory. In JAL (2019)

Practice is important but… SSLA (2019)

Do teachers care about research? ELT Journal (2019)

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